Topic: 2013-08-07 experimental build

I just posted a new build over on lsdev. This is probably the last set of new features for 0.25.0.  I finally managed to fix the desktop background and color selection dialogs on Windows 8 smile


  • Fixed Right Click -> Set as desktop background on Windows 8.

  • Fixed the color and appearance dialog on Windows 8.

  • Fixed the desktop background dialog on Windows 8. Per-monitor wallpaper, and slideshows are not working yet.

  • Added $dollar$, $at$, $nl$, and $cr$. Allowing you to insert literal $, newlines, carriage returns, and @'s in strings.

  • Added pathDirPart(), pathDrivePart(), pathFilePart(), pathFileNamePart(), and pathExtPart() functions.

  • Extended the prefix RC syntax by adding @ as a special character in the value, referring to the current prefix.


Re: 2013-08-07 experimental build

Great work on the dev builds alur!


Re: 2013-08-07 experimental build

giving it a go right now.


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lsdev is temporarily unavailable for me ATM - any idea when it will be back? I so want to test the new build!

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Should be back up again.


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Yup, back up for me. This build seems to work just fine for me, as the previous one. Also as the previous one, LSLM.app is not loading.
lol just checked http://www.arkay.de/software/lslm.html and the app was last updated in 2000 :-)
Is there a similar load meter that works with the current build? I have LSLM in the wharf...

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Re: 2013-08-07 experimental build

I'm running this on windows 7 64bit but using 32bit Litestep the wasp-1.35 when it downloads the module it downloads fine, but when i try to load it it says missing c runtime library. I have visual 2012 and 2013.

Any ideas?


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Got the ones listed here as well? http://tlundberg.com/losi/prereq.html

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Re: 2013-08-07 experimental build

Yep, I have all that installed I even reinstalled/repaired just in case. I don't know if it's important, but the last 2009 alpha build works fine with everything but the newest 2013 alpha build wazap gives me that error.

I'm using the mint theme, by the way I edited the theme. RC file to use the newer versions of the modules it uses.