Topic: rabidVWM source code?

Does anyone out there have the latest source code for rabidVWM 1.2.2 ?


Re: rabidVWM source code?

The freshest one I have is 1.2.1 and found these from #litestep IRC logs:
"some sources are lost though, notably rabidvwm 1.2.2 and 1.2.1i"
"I talked to rabidcow, he doesn't have the source for either 1.2.1i or 1.2.2."

So might be out of luck with anything beyond 1.2.1


Re: rabidVWM source code?

Is there any chance someone could compile this using the latest Microsoft Runtimes into a DLL?   I'm finding that the old 1.2.2 version back from 2009 causes 0.25 to crash a LOT.  sad