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After posting elsewhere, I have been coaxed into using nModules.

All is going well, but I have so far stumbled across two problems:

- Can anyone recommend a 'command entry' module for 64-bit? Or is there some normal workaround (e.g: some code to parse and execute the contents of a text edit box).

- I do not seem to have keyboard navigation in the popup menu. Am I missing some magic variable setting or is this just not supported?

Thanks, R.

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Re: nModules Questions

I think every 64bit LS module is currently hosted here: http://lsmodules.alurcard2.net/64bit/

There's always the Run dialog (Win-R), which does take in litestep !bang commands with the newest LS builds.

Can't remember how (or if) nPopup deals with keyboard, currently not at a compy with litestep, will be able to test this next week unless someone else pops by. Might just be unsupported still.

Is there a particular reason you're going with 64bits? It doesn't really offer that great of an advantage over 32bit (afaik). Slightly more efficient possibly (unlikely to be anything detectable by human senses) and it can use over 4GB of ram. Which really shouldn't happen unless something has gone REALLY wrong.


Re: nModules Questions

I am only looking at 64-bit because I had inferred from the tone of alur's post (http://forums.litestep.info/viewtopic.p … 1831#p1831) that 64-bit was the recommended/desirable/preferable option (and by inference that 32-bit was less desirable, or would be deprecated etc.). I assumed that the distinction arose from the operating system - those of us on 64-bit OS should use 64-bit LS and so on.

If I have misunderstood then yes; I could switch over to the 32-bit if that has more modules available.

Thanks, R.

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Re: nModules Questions

32-bit builds will not be deprecated. There are a few issues running 32-bit builds under 64-bit systems which are unlikely to be fixed (control panel items and some shortcuts into program files come to mind), but there is currently a trade-of because of the rather limited set of 64-bit modules. I will get around to working on this again sometime! I've just been rather busy for some time.

I don't believe I ever added any kind of keyboard support into the popup. If you file a feature request over on https://code.google.com/p/n-modules/issues/list I'll remember to add it next time I'm working on the modules smile

I also feel like I should point out that you can execute !bang commands with the !Run dialog in the newer LS core versions.