Topic: Thank you

Thank you for still being around, litestep.

I've had the same litestep theme and install copied from computer to computer since god knows when
(litestep.exe file version 0.25.0)

My LS finally got corrupted today.

thank you for still being around so i could re-install.


Re: Thank you

BTW, i have bunch of old modules in their original archives. i zipped them all up and put them here:


just in case anyone is looking for the old stuff.
you will need 7zip to unzip them.


Re: Thank you

Are there any modules in your 7z that are missing from here, here or here?


Re: Thank you

I honestly don't know.
but i know i got Litestep back when i had win 98SE. (maybe windows XP? fuzzy memory)
i downloaded ALL modules at that time.
and every PC i built since then i just copied my litestep folder over.