Topic: Possible to get the startmenu with LS as shell?

So been a bit inactive with fixing my desk lately, installed W8.1 a while back on my new setup, and haven't really been up for fixing anything hmm,

I am using startisback+ to get the startmenu in w8.1.
is there any possible way to get that startmenu even when it is Litestep that is the shell and the windows explorer shell aint running.

tried to use the tool Openstartmenu found here: http://www.chrisnsoft.com/download
but it wont work when i have litestep as the shell and windows explorer aint running.
anyone know if this can be done? and if so, how?


Re: Possible to get the startmenu with LS as shell?

anyone has any ideas?

was thinking if there is some way to use the program startisback in litestep to make this possible since it is a 3rd party program that gives the startmenu.
and not windows (microsoft) itself. ?

would be awesome cause then i could really use the startmenu seperate from the taskbar with litestep.. smile