Topic: nModules nightly builds

I'm compiling and uploading nModules nightly builds (right now - on demand).
They can be found at http://project.rootdir.org/library/litestep/modules/
What you will find there:
1. Archives named "nModules-<date>-Release-<platform>.zip" are "nightly" builds compiled when there's changes found in the repository. Or when someone log into IRC and poke me hard enough.
2. Archives named "nModules-<version>-Release-<platform>.zip" are built from git tags and are actual "releases".
All modules are signed with my private certificate. This is not done to claim any responsibility or assure anyone of anything. This is merely a step to ensure binary consistency and identification, since all signatures are timestamped thanks to generocity of Comodo Group, Inc. providing a public timestamping server.