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Topic: Zip was invalid - module download

Hi, I've tried to use LiteStep many times over the years. I've always uninstalled because it doesn't work well, or often at all. This time I decided to seek help with the issues it has.

I am trying to install a theme from DeviantArt called OKOY. Here's a link http://andredk.deviantart.com/art/OKOY-suite-422196501

The problem is that when I install the theme, it needs to download a lot of modules. Originally 6 or so wouldn't download/install properly, but now it is just two (I don't even know what fixed the other 4).

On Windows 7 the error I get is: "Downloaded Module, but zip was invalid"
mzscript 1.0.3
lsactivedesktop 0.4

How can I get this to work?
Can I manually install these modules?
Is there a location I can place the zip files after manually fixing the structure inside the zips?
- I am guessing having downloaded them manually from that greywool site and looked inside the zips, this is the problem because the files are nested within several folders.
Note: I have already tried manually installing these files according to the text files included, these approaches have yielded no results.


Re: Zip was invalid - module download

Hrum. Not sure what's going on in that theme, to be honest. It comes with modules in the package, then NLMs them over, then loads a module manually which has been loaded by NLM already? :\

I've never used or even tried to load mzscript, so can't offer anything on that, sadly.

But, couple other questions. Is this a straight LOSI installation? Have you updated the core files? If so, to what version? Which Windows version are you running?

The problem these days is that older (2009 or earlier) LS cores doesn't really play ball too happily with Vista or newer (even though it CAN easily run, some things won't work as expected), and newer cores don't like xModules much (which most existing themes are based around)


Re: Zip was invalid - module download

I am not sure, I followed this video's installation steps for LiteStep as the theme author had posted it as a response to how do I install the theme to somebody in the comments.


I forgot to mention in my OP that my OS is Windows 7 ultimate x64. Clean install relatively speaking, it is only a week or two old.

The video specifies to get an installer from a particular place, and then overwrite core files in the installation directory. It says to grab the "omar hussain installer", and then to overwrite the core files with the core files in the "Litestep 0.24.8 Final" build.