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Topic: Few questions about Clickonic, nModules, and taskbar


I try to... recycle/rewrite an old theme (Nonstep) to something more light and x64 compatible.

Unfortunately, I encounter many problems as Litestep is in bad shape, between lack of features or annoying bugs.

First, I am in Windows 10 x64. Yes, it is bad... but no choice.

So problem one is Clickonic :


I don't manage to make the Clickonic area transparent, so it covers the wallpaper. The help file don't give me the info I need. I tried some voodoo stuff like define a .none background color but nothing. I wonder if it is even possible in fact, as I checked some themes with Clickonic and the problem is in them too.

Problem 2 concerns nModules and taskbar :

I love this modules, they are responsive and stable. But... They lack features AND / OR they lack a decent documentation.

***** nTray for exemple lack two important features / documentation don't explain it decently :

- Ability to move icon position at will inside the tray area. It is impossible with nTray, unlike even Windows 10 standard shell.
- Bangs like !xTrayScrollIcons don't exist. It is a problem as I always have 10 icons at absolute minimum, 15 in standard session and sometimes more. On themes where you try to restrict the tray area to a minimum (with buttons to "scroll" between icons), it is a serious problem.

Maybe it is possible to do one of them, or both, but I didn't find the help needed in the documentation. Someone can confirm ?

Still, for nTray it is not a problem. I can live without this feature with some changes in the theme design.

***** nTask lack one CAPITAL feature / documentation don't explain it decently :
- Ability to move tasks inside the bar at will, unlike even Windows 10 standard shell.

I really mean CAPITAL feature, I CAN'T live without it. I open/close apps all the time, it helps to be able to keep tasks in control and so stay organized.

I tried to find something in the themes who use this module, but to no avail for the moment.

Problem 3 concerns taskbar... and Litestep 64 bits :

If the nTask module really can't permit to move tasks inside the bar, well... that means that there isn't any decent taskbar module in Litestep 64 bits. The Tasks.dll alternative permit to move a task... everywhere on the desktop and even hover an other button, it is not really what I want. I need something like xTaskbar or taskbar3.

Conclusion :

If there is some ways to correct it, I will be able to finish this recycling. The theme would be nModules/x64 compatible. For the moment I have to restore Litestep 32 bits, and I use a mix of nModules and xModules. Pretty inefficient, but at least it works... With some annoyances like the lacking computer shutdown process, config panel, etc. who wouldn't be there in a x64 release.

I lived with Litestep probably since W98/W2K and it is a shame that it can't work decently on Windows 10 while it is supposed (supposed only) to be the very last Windows forever. If it could work fine on it, there would no needs (or few needs) for more.