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I've been using LS since b23 on win95 (now for a long time already on all my win10 machines) :-) I have changed screen resolutions many times, but now, for the first time, I'm having issues.

I've changed to a 4k monitor and LS is behaving very weird: it behaves as if the screen resolution still is my old one, e.g., if I center my 4k background wallpaper, only the central part of it shows (I use nDesk) and all LS labels, shortcuts and wharfs, etc. appear where they used to appear on the old screen in the same size as on the old screen. However, if I check screen resolution, it says 4k! If I quit LS, my wallpaper shows the full 4k but the utility that reports screen resolution hasn't changed: still 4k.

Usually, if I change resolution, everything ends up cramped at the upper right corner of the screen, of course. This time is very unusual.

I've disabled all modules one at a time, but the behavior persists, so I think it's some core part of LS. There are no .rc or .ini files where the screen resolutions or desktop size is explicitly set. Is it set implicitly somewhere?

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Re: LS on 4k screen

Sorry, I have no idea sad Haven't been using LS for almost five years now I think hmm Hopefully someone else can help you!


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I emailed alur as well and he replied that he had to "disable windows DPI scaling" or something like that to get it to work on 4k. Does that ring a bell?

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My guess would be that Windows lies to apps when its DPI scaling - Litestep and nDesk uses many fairly old APIs and those probably pretend to be 1080p.

Try Disabling High DPI scaling in the Compatibility properties of litestep.exe.