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Topic: Future ?


I was wondering if there is still something about Litestep. Is there some devs, some projects ? I mean, I use it since probably 2000. It works, but has now some problems and more importantly, most of the modules are outdated and not present for 64 bits version. But I can't even think about using Windows without it.

I would love to see an updated Litestep, able to work decently on W7/W8/W10 (and only this Windows, as previous ones are dead), and why not, multi-OS too. On Linux with Openbox as window manager, getting a UI who can be created from zero and exactly as I want would be great. But heh, too much hope (would certainly need a full rewrite) and no personal involvement, I can't really speak.

I wonder if Litestep is suffering from the fact it is C++. I mean, as a beginner of year 2017 (for personal needs, with no help), I went into more recent languages like C# or Python, because of the very big help that Visual Studio provides, and better readability. I checked few pages of Litestep code, and... I can't read it. I am lost, don't know where it starts, and names aren't obvious for me to define the role of any function. Even a module seems too much for me.

Well, I disgress... So, is something happening about Litestep ?