Topic: LiteStep and windows 10?

I tried to install LS on my current Windows 10 machine around 1.5-2 years ago but couldn't get it to work at all. I see here on the forum that people are using it, are there an updated tutorial on how to make it work?



Re: LiteStep and windows 10?

Not sure of a tutorial. I use the LOSI instalöler and then copy my binary versions over the install. The rest is trial and error for me, but it works, eventually. Stopped using it on mobile computers, though, as too many systray functions (most importantly: connect to available wifi networks!), don't work. For stationary computers it works fine - at least for my liking.

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Re: LiteStep and windows 10?

Actually, just installed LS on a new win10 machine and it didn't work right away. I followed my old win2k tutorial:


And found that the shell variable wasn't set to LiteStep! Created the variable and everything worked.

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