Topic: Im back

Whats good fam, I'm back from an extended hiatus (its only been 6 years though!)
Anyway..Obviously like the rest of you I've moved on from litestep, in fact I dont even use Windows anymore (hackintosh)
My focus has largely shifted towards art, music, adjacent aesthetics within the current "underground" music scene ie vaporwave etc
Of course, being that my style focuses heavily on turn of the millenium aesthetics, I find myself again, turning back to the point I started at...desktop aesthetics.
I dont have much time to devote to making themes anymore but I would nonetheless be curious to know if anyone is still out there..
the world of os design has become flat and boring, i think its time to induldge in the modular blobject excess that is the original 2000s litestep theming ethic!


Re: Im back

I'm still using LiteStep on nearly all my machines. It could be that I'm the only one left :-)

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