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Topic: Still around

I'm saving for a new PC.
My current Win7 machine is struggling to keep up with modern apps due to its old hardware.
(It has been upgraded and patchworked for the last 20 years)
It will take me a couple of months to save up due to my low income.

The two things I dread are obvious:
1 - Win 10 updates that seem to always go wrong and keep popping up in the news, from deleting user files to causing BSODs

2 - I do not see any new LS for Win10  released.
I would like to humbly beg again:

If anyone recompiles or updates LS then include a nag that checks for updates. Or someone make a module for LS that can check for updates to be included in any future releases by default.

It seems LS is still on life support. Please donate the organs of time and skill to bring it back instead of pulling the plug.


Re: Still around

Some Good news for you ^_^

https://www.deviantart.com/tackmack/art … 4907365780