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Topic: Litestep 2021

Hello there, long time no updates...

Here we are in 2021, Litestep has not been maintained for over 6 years. The last module update was back in 2015. i found an old back-up which i shared on different forums, art sites and social media. It appears that everything is still working, the version you see here is a complete clean version of the New/Old Build. I removed my personal data and i made 2 themes working.

Here is my DeviantArt Post: https://www.deviantart.com/tackmack/art … -872785216

Keep in mind that this build is x64/64 Bit and it uses nModules from greywool. x32/32bit Modules are not capable with this version.

Themes included are:
nSimpleGlass & SUE

Do not forget to edit your Evars, you can find these in the profile folder and/or you can use the easyevar tool to set them right.

here is the link have fun.
Google Drive
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZMscY … UsNVCD4M7e

https://mega.nz/file/PxtjUKhJ#z7q6woouv … VqjeJtPMUQ

Wallpaper not included.


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Updated with a Mega.nz link. Seems that google drive is a bit stubborn


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Awesome, good work! But if nobody's around to develop and improve it, it'll be just you and me who are using LS these days :-)

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