Topic: Litestep.info and ShellFront.org going away

hi folks. I doubt anyone will actually see this, but I'm posting anyway.

I know that Litestep is basically not usable on Windows anymore. So sad.

That said, I've been running ShellFront for 20 years, and I've owned the litestep.info domain for 20 years as well. I also own the lsdev.org domain now (no site there any more).

(for a trip down memory lane, check out http://lsdocs.shellfront.org )

These are running on servers that are colocated in a datacenter where they've been for about 10 years. The server hardware is a ticking time bomb. The OSs and software have also not been maintained by me for a while and are security ticking time bombs.

I just don't have the time to put into these any more.. my efforts go elsewhere. I've been running web sites on my own servers for almost 25 years. I ran my own email until just this week. It's time to move on, though.

I'm open to ideas on what to do with litestep.info . I can update nameservers for the domain to go where ever.

ShellFront is different.. I'm going to continue to control where the domain goes, but the files and content on that web site will be taken down. If someone wants the files, let me know!

reach me at rootrider $(a)$ shellfront /./ org


using LS since 1998. Old FPN site operator, owner of ShellFront, keeper of other LS domains
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Re: Litestep.info and ShellFront.org going away

I've been keeping a track of the registrations here on almost a daily basis, it'll be sad to see all this go, but it's understandable. It's not really a thing for today anymore (sadly).

I'll be good to mirror/host any static content at http://ls.greywool.com/ for as long as I am able to.

Also, I'm all for data keeping, so anything I can keep up, I'll do my best.


Re: Litestep.info and ShellFront.org going away

Thanks for all you've done for the LiteStep community Rachel!


Re: Litestep.info and ShellFront.org going away

Wow it's been so long. Thanks for all you've done, for all this time. You will be remembered!


Re: Litestep.info and ShellFront.org going away

It was a full 25 years ago that I first heard about Litestep and joined #litestep on efnet, back when I still did not have regular dial-up access. Some how I got into running FPN, and then created ShellFront, created a Windows 3.1 theme for WindowsBlinds that was distributed with the software for a while, created regular LS dev builds, etc. ShellFront was mentioned on TechTV and was listed in a few magazines, when they were talking about Litestep. Pretty good times.

I was kind of young and dumb.. as many of us likely were. I was 17 in the beginning. I spent as much time on my computer as I did anywhere else, and I know I said a lot of rude/dumb things over the years. I was never very emotionally connected, and it turns out that I also have ADHD, which further delays some brain development. I didn't feel fully an adult until my late 20s, and, now into my 40s, I've learned a lot more about myself. It's been a journey.

Getting into everything related to this helped me learn about running web sites and servers, which eventually led to me working in the field and started a career that's going on nearly 20 years.

I also met a lot of people. I met a few people on my drive to Iowa and back in 2001.. including staying at the house of someone who eventually made a lot of people very angry. I met many LS dev team members over the years, including Visigoth and MrJukes. I met Nexter and Blkhawk in German in 2009 as well. I know I met so many more people over the years. It was always a good experience, if not also awkward.

I switched to Linux for nearly everything several years ago and haven't looked back. I had talked about doing this for many years before that. I use FreeBSD on many of my servers, and have MacOs provided by work. I hate Windows. Honestly, the only reason I was ever able to tolerate Windows was because of LS. I'm glad that I'm done with Windows... other than that it's installed on my desktop and I could technically boot into it to play games. I don't, though.

To anyone seeing this, thanks for being a part of a now-ancient community that was once very active and quite effective. Litestep is still unmatched in its flexibility and power.. and we did it on one of the worst OSs (IMO). Pretty great.

using LS since 1998. Old FPN site operator, owner of ShellFront, keeper of other LS domains
State of the Step 2011


Re: Litestep.info and ShellFront.org going away

If you can give me an idea of the disk space/monthly traffic usage for litestep.info and shellfront.org separately, I could probably have an offer.

Sorry I did not reply earlier, we've just came back home after 3-month long summer vacation.