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I am having some strange problems with KMplayer - a media player - while running Litestep, if I start a movie, it will only show properly in windowed mode, but go black in full screen mode.

Since it works in explorer, it must be something within LS..does anyone have an idea about what can be done about it?


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I've used KM Player as my main media player for years, never had a problem with it! I'm probably running an old version of it though. Has this always been happening for you, or is it something new?


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Its new, well, since I started using LS again at least. I am wondering if a setting inside KMplayer itself does this. I will try a few things there.

I did see a setting in LS called "LSAutoHideModules" which might influence this..but it behaved the same even if I turned it off.


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Ok, it was actually rather simple. smile The KMplayer forum suggested to change the renderer, from default "overlay renderer" to just another. I tried "Haali" and now it works fine. Phew! Problem solved.


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Is this the good old alpha at (0x0) bug? the-golem, do you remember? Someone else?


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Update: it works..most of the time lol. Seems changing the renderer does fix it, but I have to change it to another next time again. And not always either.

What was that bug? something that wasn't fixed..?

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This can be some module problem, most likely VWM, try disabling one by one.

P.S. DX9 renderer is better imo

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No problem. smile This is a on-going problem for me, so glad for any suggestions.

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Tobbe wrote:

Is this the good old alpha at (0x0) bug? the-golem, do you remember? Someone else?

I remember this bug being discussed, but I don't recall the specifics.

*pause for google-fu*

According to this thread here, if there is anything semi- or fully transparent at the 0x0 pixel location, then full-screen rendering gets messed up.