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Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is feeling alright here smile

On my side, I was starting to work on my own Rainmeter config so I was roaming Deviant Art in order to find inspiration, get new ideas, etc.

While doing this, I came across a post asking about Rainmeter and Litestep. "Waoow!" It's been years I haven't used Litestep nor heard about it so I was excited to see that it's still in use. The feeling was like finding a big 100€ note in the pocket of your old favorite jacket.

Here you go, that's why I'll be hanging out here... to get into Litestep again, get my hands dirty while trying to setup my own theme.

See you all!

01010010 01000101 01000100 01010010 01001111 01000011 01001011 00111001


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Welcome back smile


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Plenty of LS £1000 bills here. Ur a billionaire wink