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I'm glad to see that LiteStep is back and hopefully rebuilding it's momentum.

I've used LiteStep since windows 9x(?) XP(?)
I'm now on windows 7 and STILL have not gone back to Explorer.exe for my desktop shell.
(i use a modified TurtleSoup II theme)

Luckily I had downloaded and saved every .DLL from the updater that it let me. It came in real handy when the LS community was down and I had to update to Win7 - the .DLLs i needed to make a LS theme work with Win7 were on my hard-drive and i just needed to change which version of the .DLLs were loaded. smile

Later on I plan to update my theme so include the information I'm currently getting from Windows Sidebar (damn, that thing is bulky!) and i will need some help with that from the forums.

but for now i just wanted to say "Welcome Back LS!!! YOU WERE MISSED!"

my theme:
(i plan to make my 2nd desktop window collapsible too, later on.)


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BTW - let me know if any .DLLs are now MIA from the archive due to the temporary Darkage. I may have them and would be happy to upload them somewhere.


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Welcome back! Like you, I've used LS since the early days and never used explorer.exe again.

LiteStep addict since b23. http://brembs.net


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Nice theme screen shots !

All the latest modules are here - http://modules.shellfront.org/