Topic: LiteStep onto WindowsCE6.0. Is it possible?

Hello everyone!
I'm looking for replace standart WinCE explorer to the LiteStep shell, but i'm not sure that it is possible. Can someone give me some advices about this issue?


Re: LiteStep onto WindowsCE6.0. Is it possible?

Hi Soulgen,
Have you try the replacement already ?


Re: LiteStep onto WindowsCE6.0. Is it possible?

no, LiteStep does not work on ce6 or other versions.  There has been some success in the past at running on Windows Embedded (with modifications).  You'll have to search for that one.

If you have the ce6 bsp developer tools, it is a simple matter to replace the shell (with a ce6 specific shell).  If you are asking from a user of a ce6 device, probably not so simple.  Good luck

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Re: LiteStep onto WindowsCE6.0. Is it possible?

First of all, i attempted to build LiteStep.exe, hook.dll, lsapi.dll for the WinCE platform, but a lot of errors observed. For example, identifier not found errors:
This functions and structures should be defined in WinUser.h and user32.lib should be observed in the WinCE image. But in C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\wce600\WinCE6_EmulSDK\Include\Armv4i\winuser.h this functions and structures is not defined, but i observed these in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\PlatformSDK\Include\WinUser.h. Is that means that WinApi is different and i can't build LiteStep for the WinCE?


Re: LiteStep onto WindowsCE6.0. Is it possible?

Generally speaking, I don't think Windows CE 6.0 has support for alpha transparancy.


Re: LiteStep onto WindowsCE6.0. Is it possible?

Depends on what processor you are building for. LS on Windows is mostly for x86 processors but CE can run on ARM ... I think most Windows CE installations are running on ARM because they are the low power mobile processors in use out there. So you have to understand the problem. I was recently looking at porting an application to the Nintendo DS Lite. It's definitely not as easy as "hit the port button that says port now!" but it's interesting as there's lot's of stuff to learn about writing/porting for the DS. Windows CE should be easier as I don't think it suffers from the extreme lack of memory and various weird hardware registers that the DS has.