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I have a xtaskbar of size 800px with a transparent background. But occasionally the taskbar background will extend to the max size of the screen and also in height to 1280x800. It does with higher versions of xtaskbar. When I refresh it goes away. Any ideas?

xtaskbar 1.2.5.dll
windowsXP 32-bit, Litestep 0.24.7


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Sorry...had to do it.  tongue  Are your taskbar dimensions relative or fixed?  I wonder if something happens and LS detects a change in resolution and adjusts.


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I am glad you asked, I have them fixed actually. I even tried having a fixed width xtaskbar image. The strange thing is after having them fixed, and the background stretched to full size. I did a !alert $taskbarcurrentwidth$. It showed me my fixed width....

Here is my config: xtaskbar 1.2.5.dll

*xTaskbar        taskbar2

taskbar2X               $button4X+button4Width+1$
taskbar2Y               0
taskbar2Width           902
taskbar2Height          24
taskbar2TopBorder    2

taskbar2Image           taskbar_bg_white1.png
taskbar2PaintingMode    .image

taskbar2IconX            10
taskbar2ShowIcon        true
taskbar2display         "all"        ; shows the icon if the window is open or minimized
taskbar2MinimizedIconSaturationIntensity    10    ; 0 greyscale

taskbar2ButtonMaxWidth        150    ; ***delete this for xtaskbar 1.2.6 and up***
taskbar2ButtonMaxHeight        32        ; vertical distance between buttons, default 32
taskbar2ButtonDirection        .right        ; direction in which new tasks are added
taskbar2ButtonXSpacing        5
taskbar2FontLeftBorder        28
taskbar2FontColor        ffffff    
taskbar2FontHeight        13    
taskbar2FontSmoothing           false
taskbar2font                    "verdana"

taskbar2Lines            1
taskbar2ShowText        true
taskbar2Sort             ".classname"

taskbar2OnRightClickUp          !execute [!Popup]
taskbar2RemoveOnlyMatching    "Windows Task Manager;Opening*"  ; Hides the Window with Name/Application