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I'm sorry I've been so absent lately. I'm basically in over my head on commitments right now, along with having to deal with some personal issues. I'm not gone.. but definitely not able to work on things here or pay attention to happenings. If anyone ever needs to get ahold of me please feel free to mention me on #litestep (freenode) or email me at the usual address.

I'm really happy to see more people joining the forum.. hopefully we can use this to build up a bit of a community again.

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Re: me..

All of that is probably true for most of us. At least for me it is. I'm still adjusting to working more than full time.

Hopefully we'll get another flurry of activity again soon smile


Re: me..

Spring has sprung and I'm pretty sure we are all in the boat with ya root.  New House...New City...New Family Member...New Boss...I'm barely stayin afloat myself.  Hopefully with the gf out of town this week I can get back into DB design...but I doubt the puppy is going to let that happen for too long.